• Reactor is an equipment where reactions take place and the product is obtained at the end of specified time
  •  Based upon the number of reactants to be fed reactors can be classified into different types such as Batch reactors, continuous reactors and semi- batch reactors
  •  In batch reactor, the material is fed and is agitated for a specific time period and the resultant product is taken out
  • In a continuous reactor, feeding of reactants chemical reaction and removal of the product occur simultaneously in a continuous manner
  • In a semi-batch reactor, some reactant is fed initially and the second reactant at certain time under agitation


Salient Features

  • They have a good temperature control ability and are able to minimize the undesired side reactions:
  • Reactors are fabricated in SS316, 304 & Hastalloy
  • We manufacture Reactors from 50 to 32,000Lts. Reactors are made with Jacket or Limpet Coils
  • Reactors are insulated with glass wool followed by polyurethane foam and lined with SS Sheet
  • Both GMP & Non GMP Models
  • Limpeted and Jacketed Reactors