Since its inception, the company has made rapid strides with its innovative products that match the ever-changing needs of our esteemed customers. No doubt, our customers keep coming back to us with repeat orders.
  • Fermentor-32Kl with Limpet Coil & Drive(2 Sets)for Lovastatin Arthemis Unit, Hyderabad
  • Drying system for drying 10 tons/day of Sulphamethoxazole for Virchow Labs, Hyderabad
  • Hydrogenator for test pressure of 60Kg/Cm for Sorbutol Unit, Kreb’s BioChemical, Anakapally, A.P. (Capacity 7 KL)
  • Completed 20 Reactors Unit as per FDA Norms in Five months for Lozaton & Simvastatin at Arthemis, Hyderabad.